Terms of use

Service contract and warranty, Hosted IP:


The terms of engagement detailed below will apply to every order of a system between the company and the customer.


  1. “The Company” – Black-Site Networks LTD, C.N. 516624467
  2. “The customer” – the person who contracted with the company to rent the system and purchase the accompanying equipment according to this agreement.
  3. “The system” – the hardware and software that make up the communication system as detailed in the system order form.
  4. “The system order form” – a form detailing the system and related equipment ordered by the customer from the company.
  5. “End equipment” – equipment installed at the customer’s site to use the solution that will be sold by the company to the customer as detailed in the system order form.

Warranty for equipment rental:

Black-Site Networks LTD will be responsible for the full and proper operation of the telephone exchange and the leased equipment (the system) during the lease period.

The proposed lease includes an extended warranty for the equipment beyond the laboratory warranty and includes repair of spare parts at the site of the customer ordering the system.

The extended warranty for phones includes the replacement of phones if laboratory repair is required outside the customer’s site.

The extended warranty for repair service at the customer’s site is for equipment purchased from the company only and marked with a warranty sticker.

The extended warranty includes the use of original spare parts from the manufacturer.

The warranty for the equipment includes diagnosis of equipment malfunctions, repairs of equipment malfunctions and/or replacement of a malfunctioning product if the repair of the malfunctioning unit in the company’s laboratories will cause the customer’s current activity to be disabled.

Warranty for purchasing equipment:

The purchase of equipment includes a one-year manufacturer’s warranty

If the equipment breaks down during the warranty year, the customer will send the phone for repair at the manufacturer’s laboratory and arrange for it to be returned

The equipment broke down after the warranty year – the customer will consider whether to purchase other equipment or send it to the manufacturer’s laboratory for repair.

Telephone support center services:

The company will provide technical support hotline service to customers who are under a valid rental contract.

The hotline services include telephone technical support, diagnosis of system faults and their remote repair, and software changes in the telephone switchboard for

Adapting the system to changes from time to time that will be required by the customer.

Software change service provided to the customer will be unlimited in quantity for the telephone exchange.

Response time to service and faults, SLA:

The company will provide the customer with response time for hardware failures and software changes in the system.

Technical support center activity on Sunday-Thursday between the hours of 08:00-17:00 with the exception of holidays, holidays and Saturdays.

Response time for starting treatment of a fault that disables the entire system: up to 2 hours from the moment a fault is opened in the company by the customer.

Response time for starting treatment of a non-disabling fault: up to 24 hours from the moment a fault is opened in the company by the customer.

A request to change software, technical support and open a written fault will be made via e-mail

[email protected] or by calling 074-706686 for the customer service department.

Current costs:

The customer will pay the company the consideration specified in the system order form for the rental of the system, the supply of the related equipment and the provision of support services. The billing for the costs of system usage fees and call minutes bank will start on the 1st of the month in which the customer signed the system order until the end of that month for ongoing billing and in any case will start on the first of the month until the end of that month, in case the customer signed the system order in the middle of the month – he will be charged for a full month.

The price of a call minute as detailed in the price offer, a minute exceeding the minutes package will cost 10 EG per call minute to a fixed/mobile destination in Israel, unless otherwise specified.

Calculation of excess call minutes and billing respectively will be carried out from once a month to once a year, according to the amount of minutes exceeded from the customer’s existing call package, the cost of dialing foreign numbers, premium numbers and paid services will be charged an additional fee determined by the service provider.

If a solution including call recording has been ordered, – these will be kept free of charge for up to 3 months after this period old recordings will be deleted, to expand capacity recordings can be stored on local/remote storage servers.

The customer will not be entitled to set off and/or reduce any amount from the payments he owes according to this agreement.

The company may update the price list from time to time up to once a year, including due to changes in foreign currency exchange rates/the consumer price index.

The lease will come into effect from the day the system is ordered, – even if the system has not been delivered to the end customer, this is due to preparations that require ordering services and licenses in advance before delivering the system to the customer.

Terms and Conditions:

The customer’s phone numbers are transferred to the company’s ownership and assigned to the relevant supplier, the company will return the ownership of the phone numbers to the customer upon his demand and without any conditions.

There is no commitment to a minimum service period unless otherwise stated in the price offer document, – the termination of the service on the last day of the month following the month in which a written notice was sent on behalf of the customer about the termination of the contract.

The above prices refer to off-the-shelf products, any additional developments will require a separate quote.

It is clarified that with regard to the accompanying equipment, the transaction is a consignment transaction according to which the ownership of the terminal equipment will remain with the company, and this as long as the full consideration for the terminal equipment has not been paid by the customer.

The company will not be responsible to the customer for damages and/or costs incurred in the event of theft of phone calls from the customer’s website and/or remote login, theft of login details to the system and/or theft of calls from applications installed on the customer’s computers, tablets, cell phones, etc.

Limitation of the company’s liability

It is clarified that the company rents the system to the customer and provides the accompanying equipment on an “AS IS” basis.

It is clarified that the company will not bear any responsibility for any direct or indirect damage or loss caused to the customer from the system or the accompanying equipment, including the violation of intellectual property rights of a third party.

In any case, the cumulative and total liability ceiling of Black-Site Networks LTD for any direct and/or indirect damage to the customer receiving the service and/or to a third party will not exceed the amount of a rental contract for the value of 3 months’ rent in the year the damage occurred, the customer confirms that the provision of clause This is one of the essentials of this agreement and without it the company would not have entered into a contract with the customer in this lease agreement and in the terms stated in this agreement.

Validity of the warranty:

It is agreed that Bar-Oz Communications or anyone on its behalf will exclusively provide the service and warranty, and that the customer will not order or receive services in question

agreement, and that is from some third party, without receiving written approval from Bar-Oz Communications in advance.

The warranty for the equipment is not valid in the following cases:

Damage as a result of a third-party factor/consequential damage, such as lightning strikes, faults in the electrical network, fire, vandalism, fracture, external damage, corrosion

(including an intercom unit) etc., consumable equipment such as batteries.

The lease contract for the system does not include and does not cover faults in the customer’s communication infrastructure even if they were carried out by the company, for the avoidance of doubt

The offer for a service contract does not include malfunctions in the customer’s existing communication infrastructure, including communication cables, communication sockets, extension connectors for communication cables and all communication infrastructure equipment.

The extended warranty for the equipment is not valid for normal phones, in the event of a malfunction in normal phones during the manufacturer’s warranty period for phones – a laboratory repair service will be provided for normal phones, after the expiration of the manufacturer’s warranty for normal phones no warranty will be provided for malfunctions in normal phone equipment.

The warranty for equipment malfunctions is not valid for entry door intercom units whose malfunction originates from corrosion/liquid penetration/external damage, – even

The manufacturer of the intercom unit declares some level of protection against water penetration.

The company will not be responsible for any consequential and/or indirect damage and/or loss of profits/revenue of any kind that may be caused to the customer and/or third party in connection with the provision of the services and the performance of this service contract agreement.

In the event of a fault for the customer, the solution of which requires a technician visit to the customer’s site, will involve the customer’s approval to be charged for the visit in the event that, in hindsight, the source of the fault is not covered by the lease as detailed in this agreement.

The company recommends installing a voltage stabilizer/uninterruptible power supply to the system for protection against voltage spikes in the power grid, this section emphasizes

The importance of installing a voltage stabilizer to protect the system, in order to rule out damage as a direct or indirect result of voltage in the electrical network It will be covered under the lease and repair/replacement of parts will be paid in any case.

The service contract does not include a new professional studio recording for the sound systems/ additions to the system such as the installation of new extensions.

By signing the price offer, you confirm that you have read and understood the service document and its conditions.